Integrated Community Equipment Service Supplier Event

Bristol & South Gloucestershire Integrated Community Equipment Services Supplier Event

Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES) are being commissioned in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. In Bristol it is jointly commissioned by Bristol City Council and Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group, and in South Gloucestershire by South Gloucestershire Council and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group. Bristol City Council is running the tendering process on behalf of all parties.

The current ICES contracts in Bristol and South Gloucestershire expire September 2014, and the services are being re-tendered, with the new contracts starting 1st October 2014.

The Integrated Community Equipment Services will provide equipment to adults and children to aid independent living. This service involves the supply, delivery, collection, storage, cleaning, service and maintenance of community equipment.

The provision of an effective ICES is essential to the delivery of our strategic priority to increase the number of people supported to live independently at home by supplying a full range of Community Equipment including:
•Complex aids to daily living e.g. home nursing equipment such as pressure relief mattresses.
•Simple aids to daily living e.g. walking aids, grab rails, toileting and bathing equipment.
•Ancillary equipment for people with sensory impairments, e.g. flashing doorbells.
•Communication aids for people who are speech-impaired.

It is intended that the requirements will be offered in 2 lots, one for Bristol and one for South Gloucestershire. Bidders will be invited to apply for one or other or both lots.

For more details & to register to attend this event, please go to:

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