Pooles Wharf Swing Bridge – BCC Opportunity

Pooles Wharf Swing Bridge

The scope of the Contract is for the Contractor to act as Principle Contractor under CDM and undertake the detail design, refurbishment, manufacture, works assembly, works testing, transport to site, erection, site testing, commissioning, complete documentation, including O+ Manuals information for H&S file and Technical file for, CE Marking, facilities for full testing, software and programming tools and setting to work of: A new electrically driven bridge slewing system and associated machinery. A new electrical distribution and control panel, site earthing and bonding system. A new pair of buffers for arresting the bridge at each end of travel, incorporating new parts and refurbished existing parts.  Cabling and wiring including containment and draw pits for the site as required by the new systems.  Energy Chain system for the cables etc. onto the bridge swing span.

All necessary civil works associated with the new and refurbished systems.  Decommissioning, disassembly, removal and disposal from the site of all the redundant equipment. (see specification notes regarding disposal). Replacement of the existing wooden bridge decking.  Replacement of the existing bridge parapets  Other more minor items as further described in the system documentation.

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Closing Date

Contract Start Date

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