BCC Tender Opportunity: Bathurst Basin Bridge

Bristol MetroBus – Ashton Vale to Temple Meads and Bristol City Centre (AVTM) MetroBus Scheme Bathurst Basin Bridges

Bristol City Council invites tenders, by a single stage process, for the works to Bathurst Basin Bridges.

The Works will comprise of the strengthening and refurbishment of the existing 20th Century Bathurst Basin steel bridge (swinging mechanism disabled over the former Bathurst Lock ),construction of a second single span road bridge alongside & Highway improvements to Cumberland & Commercial road respectively.

The works have been fully designed by Bristol City Councils Consultants.

The contract will be let in February 2016 and the planned construction period is March 2016 to November 2016. The current estimate for the value of this contract is £1.6 Million.

To register your interest or to view full details & other opportunities with BCC: https://supplierlive.proactisp2p.com/Account/Login#

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