VCS Infrastructure Grant Commissioning – Tender Opportunity


Bristol City Council invites VCS organisations to submit an application for funding to provide VCS Infrastructure services.

The outcomes for the grant funding have been developed in response to consultation with VCS organisations in the city and reflect the feedback from a recent consultation:

1. VCS organisations are more able to raise additional funding to develop and deliver their services.

2. VCS organisations have more capacity to run their services more efficiently and effectively.

3. VCS organisations develop or evolve to meet gaps in service provision.

4. Bristol VCS organisations know how and where to access appropriate VCS infrastructure support.

5. VCS organisations develop collaborative solutions.

6. The Bristol VCS actively contributes to policy changes, strategic development, service re-design and commissioning in the city.

Closing Date

Contract Start Date
Contract End Date


To register your interest or to view full details & other opportunities with BCC:

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