Open Data Platform ~ BCC Tender Opportunity

Bristol City Council is developing its open data ecosystem.

We wish to procure an Open Data Infrastructure, which will form a collection of tools, systems and services that support and provide a location for the storage, analysis, visualisation, dissemination and use of a wide range of data, (both static and real-time or near real-time data).

Within this infrastructure will be (i)the core data store, (ii) The Bristol API, (transport and mobility data API), and (iii) two innovation pilots focussed on the creation of a ‘Citizen Data Commons’ and BCC’s approach to opening performance management and business intelligence data.

This opportunity refers to the initial procurement of a core data store (i) which lays the foundation for the councils work around open data, as well as laying the foundation for the further procurements (ii) and (iii).


To register your interest or to view full details & other opportunities:

Expression of interest window:

From 12/08/2016 10:44 to 30/08/2016 17:00

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